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Many things give me joy:

I found a bookcrossing book! My first one ever! It’s Bee Season by Myla Goldberg, and I’m just about to release Riddley Walker into the wild. Or rather, into a phone box! It’s the best plan ever. And the karma feels great!


I’m going to check out penguins in an hour… well, less than an hour… and I haven’t packed yet, even though I’m leaving tomorrow morning at a rediculous time of the day… er… yes.

Life is GREAT! I’m going to invercargill tomorrow, stewart island the day after, riverton after that, te anau after that and milford sound and queenstown after that… phew! 🙂

Hooray for books and life and music and sunshine and penguins and travelling and meeting random people and happy sweet surprises! 🙂

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