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A sparsely-updated blog by a crazy woman with bad taste in almost everything.

niria.in is Sarah Ní Riain, also known as froodie (a name she picked in 1996, having read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for the first time)

She has lived on the internet since 1996, moving house regularly as the rot inevitably set in. This is the first time she’s put her real name to what she’s doing. She likes newspapers, radio and the internet (and has worked with all three) and thinks the place where culture and technology collide is where all the good shit happens.

She runs the @jobfairyHQ twitter account to help jobseekers easily find paid work in Ireland. So far, so good!

She’s looking for a job Digital Marketing with a view to being the go-to-gal for some awesome up-and-coming organisation. She strongly believes that the number of cats on the internet is always JUST RIGHT (no matter what the number may be)

She’s into choral singing, roller derby, community, digital culture, games, crafting, and being very honest about mental health.

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