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A sparsely-updated blog by a crazy woman with bad taste in almost everything.



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I’m someone who has enjoyed the company of programmers for years. I consider myself relatively tech-savvy, and have played around with building simple webpages and hacking on macros using visual basic. I’ve never managed to make the leap to actually “learning how to code”, despite tipping my toe in the water now and then.


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It’s official. I’m finally a Dubliner (or whatever it is that real Dublin people call blow-ins from down the country). I’ve handed back the keys to my lovely apartment in Limerick and torn up as many Limerick roots as I can, or want to (Ancór and Limerick Roller Girls 4 LYFE!). I now live in The Smoke that is bigger than the other Smokes on this tiny island. I am cohabiting with Mr. Knows-I’m-Right and have even ventured to Portmarnock for a walk on the beach.

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