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There were festivities last night. And I was getting really disheartened by the Dunedin nightlife (drunken students, crap charty hip-hop, techno in an old church and rednecks dancing on pooltables – not all in the same place evidently). But then I found Bath Street and ah, it was good. I always said I like places with no dress code, no cover charge, good music and comfortable decor (even better if it’s dark and you can spit on the floor). Everyone else had gone to the Supermarket and I had wandered in such of fun. And when I found it, it was House night and full of the vibes I enjoy. There was a cover of $5, but it was worth it. I even had to go back to the hostel and find some random germans to bring with me. Charlotte turned up later with Kimily and there was a sense of having a good night. Didn’t drink a lot, blew off the guys that were obviously hitting on me, and got to bed after random conversations just before six.

I also have a plan for onwardly moving… two of the german girls are leaving tomorrow in a rented car and I’m going with them. Yey. I think we’re going to go along the Catlins coast, possibly dip down to Invercargill, and then take a sort of roundabout route to Queenstown.

But first I’m going to upload some photos and then go buy some bread and make french toast. Mmmmm french toast! 🙂

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