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It’s official. I’m finally a Dubliner (or whatever it is that real Dublin people call blow-ins from down the country). I’ve handed back the keys to my lovely apartment in Limerick and torn up as many Limerick roots as I can, or want to (Ancór and Limerick Roller Girls 4 LYFE!). I now live in The Smoke that is bigger than the other Smokes on this tiny island. I am cohabiting with Mr. Knows-I’m-Right and have even ventured to Portmarnock for a walk on the beach.


1 minute read

Colmmacc is really as good at cropping photos as he is at taking them. We were driving around Galway at the weekend, and I was snapping away as he drove. He’s put some of my snaps up on his flickr, and I’m surprised at how well some of them turned out. Maybe I should buy a *cough* SLR *cough*


1 minute read

I’ve been on a real ‘making crap’ kick lately. I’ve not felt like buying stuff, and am really getting into making gifts for people. This is the last one I made, for le boy’s birthday, which is on Thursday.
He seems to like it too, which I was sort of hoping for, given his penchant for geeky clocks and the colour green. In fact, I enjoyed making this so much that I’m tempted to buy a bunch of mechanisms on ebay and go crazy making clocks. I could even sell…

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