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Featuring in Happy Magazine

Happy Magazine is a mag for people who have cancer. Today's post is about what featuring in the magazine was like!

4 minute read

Happy Magazine is a new title that you won’t find in your local newsagents. It’s a magazine that is for people who have cancer - before, during and after treatment. It’s the brainchild of Holly Kennedy, herself a cancer survivor, and it’s intended to be a positive support to people going through their treatment. The second issue is available now free of charge - for a list of places you can pick one up, go to Happy Magazine’s distribution list.


2 minute read

It’s official. I’m finally a Dubliner (or whatever it is that real Dublin people call blow-ins from down the country). I’ve handed back the keys to my lovely apartment in Limerick and torn up as many Limerick roots as I can, or want to (Ancór and Limerick Roller Girls 4 LYFE!). I now live in The Smoke that is bigger than the other Smokes on this tiny island. I am cohabiting with Mr. Knows-I’m-Right and have even ventured to Portmarnock for a walk on the beach.


1 minute read

I took this pic last summer at my parents’ house. My brother had had a party the night before, and clearly decided to be responsible about the recycling. Or else there’s a better story. Any ideas?


3 minute read

You know those montages in silly Hollywood movies where one character lets themselves go completely and sits around watching daytime tv and eating cereal and wearing pyjamas/tracksuits all day with messy hair and an ever-expanding waistline? That’s me. For the past four and a half months, since my contract wasn’t renewed at the place were I worked and loved it, I’ve been a Hollywood stereotype. And yes, I’m listening to Rachmaninov’s second piano concerto at the…

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