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I’ve been using Facebook for far too many years now, and one thing that is perennial is people sharing competitions in the hope that they will be one of the lucky ones that will win a car or a holiday or a brand new iPhone. However, a lot of these competitions are fake and are aimed at folks who may not be savvy about how to spot a scam. Here are my top tips for things to check BEFORE you click like or share!


3 minute read

Hugo & Netlify

I don’t blog very often. Calling me a sporadic blogger would be overly generous. I’ve probably used Facebook for much of my longer-length bits and pieces over the past few years. On Thursday I’d a day off work and wrote a diatribe about the scourge of “like and share” scams on Facebook. I posted it to Facebook, where it got surprisingly little traction (maybe because I was being patronising, maybe because people only share nonsense on Facebook, not anything useful).


4 minute read

I’m someone who has enjoyed the company of programmers for years. I consider myself relatively tech-savvy, and have played around with building simple webpages and hacking on macros using visual basic. I’ve never managed to make the leap to actually “learning how to code”, despite tipping my toe in the water now and then.

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