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Talk about birdwatching!! I just had the most fantastic day out the Otago Peninsula… We saw oystercatchers, paradise shell ducks, shags, herons, a kingfisher, LOADS of albatross, lil blue penguins and yellow-eyed penguins (hoiho). Also many fur seals. The Albatross is the most amazing bird. Its chest isn’t strong enough to flap its wings very much, and yet it can fly 150,000 kilometres in a YEAR! It’s so graceful and dignified and amazing to watch. If you are lucky enough to be going albatross watching…. wait for a clear and windy day. We saw loads of them glide right over our heads.

Lucky enough also to see a couple of penguins coming up out of the water. Yowza. I bought another spoon. I now have a collection of TWO! (getting there!)

Today was a day of wondering why some humans have such a problem with same-sex partnerships. Birds definitely do it… bees aren’t really partnership types… trees? I’ve never met an educated tree. But yes, albatrosses and penguins are generally monogamous, but not necessarily heterosexual. And THEY don’t have a problem with same-sex couples adopting eggs/chicks and bringing them up. Humans are WEIRD.

Passed the phonebox where I released the book and it’s still there. I neglected to put a sticky on it saying it was free, not lost. Maybe that’s why. or maybe someone picked it up and thought it was in a different language 🙂 I’ll try to find a post-it, but maybe the boy that’s in there at the moment picked it up.

Also, tractor boy just made my day by sending me a photo as a Valentine’s thing…

Isn’t that the most romantic thing you ever saw?

I think you might need to know that the other night our text conversation ended up with me pretending to get highly turned on by his sexy orange lawnmower. And this is it. Isn’t he sweet? hehe.

I should probably go and pack. I’m getting picked up in the morning about 7.45am.

I’m so HAPPY dammit!

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