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I was at Wolverhampton at the weekend with the Skynet kids for Lugradio Live 2007.  Despite my immense lack of knowledge of Free/Open Source Software, and my non-contribution to the FOSS community; the amount of fun that was had in the company of the Lugradio lads during Skycon in February (sub-par knob jokes notwithstanding) meant that I decided to make the trek to Wolverhampton to see the boys and possibly have some fun.

I did. Working as crew was probably the best idea, because it meant I wasn’t at a loose end because of my lack-of-geekly-knowledge, I could just pitch in and have a laugh and shout at people. I also got a very large, very bright tshirt for my efforts. HOORAY PYJAMAS! It was very good to see the LRL boys again, especially Jono and Matt, (sorry Aq, if you hadn’t fucked off home early, I’d have missed you too!) and to put names to IRC faces (both skynet and freenode).

The only problem I had with the weekend was trying to get home. The skynet kids all flew out on the Sunday, but my flight was booked for the Monday. But after a panicked train journey (booked ticket to Nottingham, jumped out of train at Derby to get air shuttle, air shuttle meandered around little country towns and then got stuck behind a van that was trying to drive right up to the terminal) I missed check in by five (yes, FIVE) minutes. I wasn’t allowed on the flight, and decided to get the following day’s flight to Shannon airport instead, paying fifty pounds sterling for the priviledge. I headed back to Wolves for another night, which was once again lots of fun, and managed to make it to the airport in plenty of time for my flight the following day. Except it was cancelled….. ouch. They didn’t give a reason, particularly, but there wasn’t exactly anything I could do about it. I thought about getting Wednesday’s flight to shannon, but I had to be back to work. So I got the flight to knock (which left three hours after my original flight).  Then I got a taxi to charlestown and waited there for over an hour for a bus to galway, which got in at half past nine. After that there was a half-hour wait for a bus that didn’t even go to Limerick, just to Shannon Airport. Lucky for me, I have a small brother who will collect me at the airport in the middle of the night.

And yes, in spite of the high levels of fail going on there, it was worth it.

Also, I’m getting a laptop soon. I’ll probably be running Ubuntu and Windows on it and won’t be doing anything heftier than some sound recording/editing. Suggestions?

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