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Cake, both the making and the eating thereof.

Ciara, Maeves, Seamie, Liselle, Gar. Friends from what feels like the olden days that I’ve reconnected with lately. It’s been great.

Death Cab for Cutie – I will follow you into the dark

My room – It is full of pretty things and my bass and bass amp.

My housemates in general – all six of them are adorable in different ways

Elephants over the road. There are elephants over the road!!!

Getting a 10% discount at HMV because I kind of know the guy behind the counter and he thought the cds I was buying were cool.

The French Market – all the lovely things to eat and see and smell and ooodles of frenchness.

The Sunshine – even though it’s about to end

The thought of a lovely walk in the pouring rain when the sunshine does finally come to an end

Getting Flowers for myself.

Boys on the internet who tell me their stories and ask for advice and tell me I’m great.

Being horny. (this is almost entirely unrelated to boys on the internet. with one exception, perhaps)

Cheese, Chilli and Dark Chocolate Fudge, Organic Apple Juice, Stuffed Vine Leaves and other Market Goodness.

The Moon – for the last few days it’s been absolutely amazing

Cups of tea

American football boys

The last song from Bugsy Malone – “we could have been anything that we wanted to be” seguing into “if you give a little love, then it all comes back to you”


Driving, either by myself or driving someone home.

Having a blister on my foot so I’ve an excuse to go barefoot all day

Having Dirty Feet.

Looking forward to a trip to glasgow


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