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Gin and Tonics in the Locke Bar on a Tuesday, whatever the reason, are a bloody good idea. I’m a fan, so long as there’s someone there to drive me home. I’m not sure when I went from thinking that Gin and Tonic was a crazy cat lady drink to thinking that there’s nothing quite so refreshing as a G&T with a wedge of lime, and wouldn’t be lovely to have a little house for myself, and a kitten or two to keep me company. But here I am, Cat-Lady-in-penury, with no money for a place of my own, and no limes in the fruit bowl, and not even a kitten to show for my hermit-like urges.<

But I’ll always have Tuesdays, and I can coo broodily over the evil stray cats that turn up in the neighbourhood from time to time.

Also, if you’re looking for something amazing to drink, try this:

Put ice, a shot of gin and a wedge of lime in a highball glass, top up with tonic and throw a shot of raspberry schnapps over the top. YUM! Summer in a glass!

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