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This weekend, Greystones and the East Coast Cyclones will play host to only the second ever roller derby tournament to be held on Irish soil. The last one was in Belfast and was an absolute belter – with Dublin Roller Derby A coming home the overall winners – with Belfast Roller Derby in second place and Limerick Roller Derby in third.


1 minute read

Last night, at a lovely barbeque at Dave and Joan’s to celebrate Mister Dave’s birthday, I put Hellman’s Burger Sauce on my burger for the first time. I didn’t know that time machine transporters came in burger sauce flavour, but they sure as hell do, because when I opened my eyes after that first bite, I was sitting on a green leatherette couch with mirrors on the walls in Burgerland on William Street.


1 minute read

Gin and Tonics in the Locke Bar on a Tuesday, whatever the reason, are a bloody good idea. I’m a fan, so long as there’s someone there to drive me home. I’m not sure when I went from thinking that Gin and Tonic was a crazy cat lady drink to thinking that there’s nothing quite so refreshing as a G&T with a wedge of lime, and wouldn’t be lovely to have a little house for myself, and a kitten or two to keep me company. But here I am, Cat-Lady-in-penury, with no…


3 minute read

I was at Wolverhampton at the weekend with the Skynet kids for Lugradio Live 2007.  Despite my immense lack of knowledge of Free/Open Source Software, and my non-contribution to the FOSS community; the amount of fun that was had in the company of the Lugradio lads during Skycon in February (sub-par knob jokes notwithstanding) meant that I decided to make the trek to Wolverhampton to see the boys and possibly have some fun.

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