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I am, of course, talking about my phone.

There’s a lot of guff about how bad phones are for your social interactions etc. But there’s no getting away from the fact that we no longer set a definite arrangement to meet someone days in advance, we just text them or ring them to set something up, and refine the arrangement as we go.

I’ve been phoneless for the past week, and I’ve felt it. Oh my, I’ve felt it. I’d been intending to go out and have a bit of a life, but I don’t feel comfortable wandering around a city I don’t know particularly well without some sort of safety net. I managed well enough this weekend, by finding the duck and using her to meet up with the ghama.

Also, I’ve got talented friends. And I mock less talented people who aren’t my friends far too much as a result… must learn tolerance 😀

P.S. I got my phone back.

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