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Some days I wish I believed in God. After hearing of the events in Connecticut today, this is one of those days. Today, faith would give me both someone to rail against, and would give me solace and comfort in the thought that those murdered had eternal souls, or a chance at rebirth.

Instead, I’m confronted with the bleak reality that a human person was either born or became so damaged that they could murder their family, along with innocent children and adults. To me, those lives are gone and there’s nothing to attribute their deaths to other than humanity.

The sickening media frenzy – half-cooked facts, interviews with shell-shocked children and parents, blaming guns, blaming liberals, blaming tv – is all part of the the disgusting mess of humanity.

This terrible tragedy that has blasted a community to pieces is an all-too-human occurrence.

Some days, being a fellow human is really damn hard. Today is one of those days.

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