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For the last week, I’ve been equally upset and outraged by the case of Savita Halappanavar, who died in Galway on October 28th after contracting septicaemia following a drawn-out miscarriage. The medical team waited until the foetal heart stopped beating before removing the foetus, even though risk of infection was extremely high. I’ve contacted my local TDs (only one had the decency to respond so far) and stood outside the Dáil with crowds of people twice. I also wrote a letter to the Irish Times, which was published today.

A chara, – In the past few days, mention has repeatedly been made of the “abortion lobby”. Those who want the government to legislate for the X, A, B and C cases are not the “abortion lobby”. They are the majority of the electorate of this country, and have been since 1992. – Is mise,



The people upset and angry about this are not agitators. They are ordinary voters, male and female, and they are sick to the teeth of the delay in legislation that has caused at least one needless death.

I’ll be at the Dáil again tomorrow, and for as long as it takes the Government to wake the hell up and legislate.



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