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Change is good, right?


I’ve changed a LOT of things in the last six weeks. I’ve moved city, shacked up with my lovely man, left my job of six years (on and off, mostly on) and started a course in Digital Marketing with a view to a career change.

It’s been a period of rushing, rearranging and reviewing. I’ve gotten used to the DART timetables and using my Leap card (which I’ve had since I lived in Limerick – very early adopter indeed!) I’ve skirted the edges of understanding the bus that serves my estate, and I’ve even stopped being freaked out by the idea that I’m “cohabiting”. It feels like I’m getting an opportunity to build a new life for myself, but it’s a pretty scary thing to face, depsite all the potential in what I’m doing. I’m in the process of dismantling my whole life and recreating a new one from the new parts and the old parts I’ve decided to hang on to . It’s a brave new world, and it demands a brave new me to go with it! Next step? The Job Hunt – wish me luck!

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