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Well, sort of. I was staying just off Wall Street, with my Very Good, Kind and Wonderful friend Artemis. It was mostly a relatively chilled-out time, but there were some bits that ended up being unexpectedly mental.
The stuff I did that was awesome:**
Go see Spamalot.
Go to the top of the Rockefeller Building.
Go to Mars Bar on 1st St and 2nd Avenue – so long as you think that an excellent jukebox, a dingy interior, weird patrons and a stink of piss in the toilets is a good thing.…


2 minute read

Talk about birdwatching!! I just had the most fantastic day out the Otago Peninsula… We saw oystercatchers, paradise shell ducks, shags, herons, a kingfisher, LOADS of albatross, lil blue penguins and yellow-eyed penguins (hoiho). Also many fur seals. The Albatross is the most amazing bird. Its chest isn’t strong enough to flap its wings very much, and yet it can fly 150,000 kilometres in a YEAR! It’s so graceful and dignified and amazing to watch. If you are lucky enough to be…


2 minute read

I can’t quite seem to get a handle on Dunedin. I’m not sure why, but it sort of eludes me. Maybe it’s because most of the students aren’t here, and there are usually around 25,000 of them? I’m not sure, but I think I could possibly like this town, once I get the hang of it.

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