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This is the second post in my series on the topic of the different treatments I’ve been on for Depression & Anxiety. I’m looking at the different types of drugs I was prescribed and I might also tell you how I really feel about people’s attitude to medicating for depression.


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It’s been quite a journey to figure out who I am. On my birth cert, my name is Sarah Ann Ryan. I read Anne of Green Gables as a kid and began insisting on the E at the end of Ann – why wouldn’t you? My secondary school operated through the medium of the Irish language and insisted I use the full translation of both of my names – Sorcha Ní Riain. During university, I used the English version of both of my names Sarah Ryan for most things, and Sorcha Ní Riain for my Irish…


1 minute read

Some days I wish I believed in God. After hearing of the events in Connecticut today, this is one of those days. Today, faith would give me both someone to rail against, and would give me solace and comfort in the thought that those murdered had eternal souls, or a chance at rebirth.

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