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6 minute read

This is the second post in my series on the topic of the different treatments I’ve been on for Depression & Anxiety. I’m looking at the different types of drugs I was prescribed and I might also tell you how I really feel about people’s attitude to medicating for depression.


4 minute read

I’m someone who has enjoyed the company of programmers for years. I consider myself relatively tech-savvy, and have played around with building simple webpages and hacking on macros using visual basic. I’ve never managed to make the leap to actually “learning how to code”, despite tipping my toe in the water now and then.


3 minute read

Buggerit! I really am working for the man. GE donated $2.58million to the US Republican party since 1999. Yuk. I’m finishing in 2 weeks though, so that’ll stick it to them. Yeah! And I stole about 20 helium balloons today, all printed with GE Money, which is what GE finance is now called in New Zealand. So I’ve made them scared now, I’ll bet.

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