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Today was just such a one.

Waking up early but not too early. Luxuriating in bed for just a little bit. Having a shower, a proper shower with gushing jets of not too hot, not too cold water. Strolling to the French Bakehouse for breakfast and up to Captain Ron’s for coffee. Making a new friend or two. Deciding to go for a stroll Just Like That. Finding out how much it costs to rent an MX5 for a day and pretend to be Austin Powers(not that much really). Walking up to Parnell and investigating the kind of little specialty and curiosity shops that can only be present in a really poncy neighbourhood. Buying THREE books (Turtle Diaries by Russell Hoban, Love in the Time of Cholera, and Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow) in a dinky second hand shop. Drooling over the most perfect journal ever… leather bound, gorgous paper, and only $215!! Deciding I want to be a glassblower (how does one go about becoming one?) Buying proper hot chocolate with chilli in and cream on top (oooo the decadence). Checking out the place that make the elven cloaks in LoTR. Walking in the Domain and then sitting on a bench with my chocolate and my book (Turtle Diaries) and listening to A Silver Mount Zion and feeling sorry for Joggers. And walking home to find everyone cinema bound (yes, the Incredibles is great) and just taking a moment every five minutes or so to just appreciate how lovely everything and everyone is.

Sunshine has the ability to make so many things so much better. And now i’m comfortably tired and warm and feeling like I’m home.

I’m blissed out and deeply satisfied and smiling on the inside. And there’s champagne in the fridge with my name on it. Ok, actually it has Mumm on it, but it’s MINE 😀

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