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I’m someone who has enjoyed the company of programmers for years. I consider myself relatively tech-savvy, and have played around with building simple webpages and hacking on macros using visual basic. I’ve never managed to make the leap to actually “learning how to code”, despite tipping my toe in the water now and then.


4 minute read

Burning Man Wedding At Church Trap Burning Man 2013 by Duncan Rawlinson

Weddings – they’re definitely not like they used to be! In some ways, that’s good. In others, maybe not so much. When it comes to spending a chunk of cash that could be better spent on a house or a car or a really expensive couch, I think things are maybe a little more frenzied than they used to be. The trend towards designing the day to be something that suits the couple getting wed can only be a good thing in my mind.

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