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Today’s news: I like $100 more than I like rugby. There was a ticket for the taking, and I didn’t take it. This marks me out as a rugby wuss. Which is ok by me. I was only in it for the chance to wear my Munster jersey and get shouted at by cork people anyway.

Yesterevening began my plan to impose on all of the people who drunkenly invited me over to their houses to watch movies and/or Invader Zim (and promptly forgot! Ha!). Jackie and Hugh were my chosen victims, and Captain Tom my accomplice (chosen or otherwise :P) Hot spiced wine, squiggly biscuits, good company and Finally Seeing Fargo (ahhhhhhhh),

were all the ingredients needed for joy. Captain Tom’s Documentary was also A Good Thing. Yah.

Eschewing the kind offer of a lift home from Hugh, I walked Captain Tom home like the gentleman I’ve always wanted to be, doffed my imaginary cap and sauntered freezily homeward like the Jauntily Sauntering Ambling Shambler I am.

Just for The Duck, who is thinking these exact words already:

Peripatetic, poetic and chic.

Also, if you think you might be on the list of People Sarah Will be Imposing On (or would like to be), then Step Right Up and take it like a Pirate.

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