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If you’ve ever been curious about Roller Derby, come to the Shoreline Leisure Centre in Bray this Saturday. You’ll see four games – including a co-ed and a men’s game!

The worst thing about the increase in the popularity of roller derby in Ireland is the fact that sometimes events clash and you end up having to miss something you were really looking forward to.

Dublin Roller Derby had invited me to announce at their upcoming double-header against Newcastle Roller Derby’s Canny Belters and Hull’s Angels Roller Dames. This meant I was missing out on seeing the boys in action in Greystones, where Team Ireland Men’s Roller Derby were to take on Power of Scotland Men’s Roller Derby – with a co-ed scrimmage as an appetiser, all hosted by the East Coast Cyclones.

Then the by-election in Dublin South-West put paid to DRD hosting their game in their usual venue, so the Cyclones stepped up to the plate and offered a combined presentation of all four games in one day.

The whole lot will take place in the Shoreline Leisure Centre in Bray this Saturday, and you can catch all four games for just €12!  First whistle is at 11.30am and it’s going to go all day! I can’t wait!



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