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Roller Derby


2 minute read

This weekend, Greystones and the East Coast Cyclones will play host to only the second ever roller derby tournament to be held on Irish soil. The last one was in Belfast and was an absolute belter – with Dublin Roller Derby A coming home the overall winners – with Belfast Roller Derby in second place and Limerick Roller Derby in third.


5 minute read

Picture it. You’re at the derby game. There are a couple of hundred punters in the audience, many of whom have never seen a bout before. You have a microphone. The sound is muffled, and the audience can hardly hear you over the music. Ten players and seven referees are whizzing around a track at speed, Players are manoeuvring, blocking, passing and falling, then a referee signals and three players are sent to the box for different infringements – play continues. While you’re…

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