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I’m planning a blog series. This has never ended well before now, but I’m going to try again anyway.

So this is the introductory post to….. Drumroll

Adventures in Therapy!

I’m planning to outline the different therapies I’ve availed of – both medical and non-medical and what has worked for me. And probably also get angry at people who have internalised the stigma even though I should feel sorry for them 🙂

Here goes…

I’m a person with depression. I’m not always a depressed person, but I do always have depression – whether I’m in the throes of it, or having a great time. In fact, I have the holy trifecta of depression, anxiety and insomnia. Some of the things that trigger it for me are: lack of structure, a sense of failure, trying to do too much, not doing enough, feeling like I’ve let people down, winter, summer, not sleeping, sleeping too much, nothing at all.

I’ve had really difficult times with it since my early twenties, and mentioned it to my GP at various times. She called it low mood and told me to go get some exercise. I was only actually diagnosed once I mentioned to my doctor that I sometimes fantasise about killing myself (I DO NOT INTEND TO EVER DO THIS, PLEASE DO NOT WORRY, MY BRAINWEASELS DO). I’ve been on various types of anti-depressants since 2009 or so, thanks to losing my job (and another time thanks to major job-related stress) and also gone through a number of different other types of therapy and support. LET ME COUNT THE WAYS.

I’m currently on my third antidepressant and my sixth counsellor. I’ve done a bunch of courses. Bearing in mind that everyone’s story is different and everyone’s BRAIN is different, I’m going to run through the different supports and help I’ve had with this over the next few weeks.

I hope you’ll bear with me and bear in mind that this is my own journey. I’m not suggesting that what I’m doing is the best way, the only way or even the best way for me. But it’s what’s actually happening, so I hope it might help somebody.

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