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ah! sweet nostalgia


1 minute read

Last night, at a lovely barbeque at Dave and Joan’s to celebrate Mister Dave’s birthday, I put Hellman’s Burger Sauce on my burger for the first time. I didn’t know that time machine transporters came in burger sauce flavour, but they sure as hell do, because when I opened my eyes after that first bite, I was sitting on a green leatherette couch with mirrors on the walls in Burgerland on William Street.


1 minute read

I’ve been thinking a lot about New Zealand since I came to Dublin. Memories keep bobbing to the surface of my mind when I least expect them to. I’m dreaming about situations that did or could have taken place, following conversations to what could have been their conclusion, closing my eyes and seeing myself sitting on the verandah of the hostel in Okarito as the sun went down, drinking hot chocolate in Katipo, going to McDonalds in Auckland in the middle of the night with Legoboy,…

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