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1 minute read

I have spent by far the greater part of today in bed. It was my hostel’s staff party last night… lots of good Japanese food, sake, beer, champagne, shots and beer. And me being very drunk. Who is the boy with the green hat? I don’t know, but I had lots of fun all the same. Danced and flirted and tried to pick up boys and girls, and eventually succeeded in finding a boy who wanted to kiss me. And lost my glasses due to dancing too energetically and crawled around the dancefloor…


1 minute read

In a less than two minute update….. i’m in Taupo for some reason. Heading back to auckland tomorrow but went for LOVELY walk to Huka falls today with Phil Partridge and even took photos. Will put them up soon for your delectation, and you will see how much of a fatass I’ve become since coming to Auckland. And how little I care. Blisters, Bloody Feet and Sunburn. Woo!


3 minute read

It was a hard-out hardcore weekend. Mostly for others, not really for me. I went for a couple of drinks on friday after work with the boys and the girls from GE, on account of it being my last day and of them all being great. One drink became more than that, and, well, I became drunk. Tequila shots and professing my (unfelt) adoration for my mate’s flatmate were some of the things that I recall, along with spilling an entire bottle of beer on myself. Yuk. Got myself a kebab and wandered…

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