My mum and I got all civic spirited yesterday and went for a walk…
with rubber gloves and black plastic sacks in tow.
On a single 150metre (possibly less) stretch of road, we managed to fill THREE bags.
So our bin at home is full now, and I’m betting the stretch of road we managed to tidy looks like shite again.

Oh, and a press 22 photographer passed us and took our photos for the local papers (cringe)
We were going to say no, but then we figured that maybe more people would get the idea.

And then I found an illegal dump, which was disgusting. Mum’s ringing the County Council in the morning to get them to move the rubbish. Not that it’s going to stay gone for long.

One of the bin companies in Limerick has brought in a Pay By Weight system, which has seen a huge increase in fly-tipping (illegal dumping).

And if someone goes out and picks up rubbish along the road off their own bat, they might get penalised for the extra weight.

The Worlde has Gonne Madde!

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