Other people’s lives live in my phone.

“I’m crazy about you and always have been. and now i’ll be too ashamed to talk to you again so bye”

“Restricted Environmental Situational Technique…”

“It’s a girl! 4.30am. caesarean… 7lb6oz”

“Froodie, we were just talking about you and we came to the conclusion that you are all woman. Congratulations!” – my brother’s friends.

“Froodie just dumped me! being nice to her = being walked on! dumping me while I was stoned was a great idea. I took it really well! Man how used do I feel?” – I’ve a feeling this one was send in error!

“I’m sure we can, we is all superslim and extra bendy”

“male/philosopher/artist/musician/poet/actor/loner/deviant/seeing/hearing/moronic/sensing/changing/confused/driven/hurt/intact/angry/occasionally harmonised/inept/willing/distant/conniever/honorable/godless but with faith/immortal but human/trapped in “freedom”/lazy/polluted/damaged/thoughtful/ignorant/borderline/malign/loved/cold/feeling/perceptive/living/risking/struggling/harmful/questioning/playful/calloused/complex/comprising/lost/regretless/neutral…”

“Yes, me too. Ambient soundscapes based on realtime magnetosphere data, kp levels, solar x-ray info. why who are you telling my top secret plan to?”

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