I had quite an uneventful saturday night. I was supposed to go out, but my mother decided I looked too tired and she was probably right. In any case, she’s footing the bill for my new glasses, so i figured it was best to keep on her good side.
Anyway, Eurovision. Yes. I watched from about the seventh song, maybe earlier. All the way to the bitter end. We were crap. TaTu were absolute rubbish. Belgium should have won, Marty Whelan is a clueless cynical asshole and le Royaume Uni NUL POINTS.
But anyway, on with the story. I got up today, had breakfast, got bitched at by the parents, went and had a shower. By the time I got out, my brother was up, and told me about his night. Well, the part of the night that started when he put the key in the door of our house.

Liam said goodbye to his friends and got out of the taxi. He fumbled in his pocket for his house keys and prepared for the business of sneaking into the house at half four in the morning without waking the parents. Just as he eased the key into the lock, he heard a massive crash from not too far away. He sprinted in the direction the noise came from and found that a car had gone into the ditch and travelled about a hundred metres before hitting a tree and flipping over. The car was in flames and he could see a woman in the driver’s seat. She was unconscious. He opened the door, turned off the ignition and managed to get the woman out of the car and drag her a short distance. A matter of seconds later, the car exploded.
The woman regained consciousness and was quite distressed, her daughters wedding is either today or tomorrow. My brother talked to her for a while, and quite soon another car arrived at the scene. The girls in this car knew the injured woman and were able to calm her down while my brother rang the amblulance, the fire brigade and the police. The woman was taken to hospital with spinal damage, cuts and burns.
A neighbour, who had come to help/gawk, brought my brother back to his house and got him plastered on bulmers and cuban rum.
The poor boy was still shaking this morning (probably a combination of delayed reaction shock and a massive hangover). He was really worried that he could have done some serious damage to the woman’s spine, but as the emergency services said, if he hadn’t pulled her out, she’d be all exploded up and dead.
But wow. He saved a woman’s life. That’s something to be proud of. even if her daughter’s wedding isn’t going ahead for the time being.
Newsflash: A neighbour just called over and said that the woman, another neighbour I don’t know very well, is going to be fine. Yay my bro!


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