I’ve just finished a sort of half-assed tidying of my house. There were maybe fifty people here earlier. Practically everyone who was invited turned up. There were mounds of food and fathoms of drink and it actually seemed like everyone was having a good time. There was music and singing and small children playing with dogs or colouring-in quietly, and nonchalant boys playing frisbee on the grass, and girleens playing the fine art of camogie, and drunken next-door neighbours playing Jenga, and ickle babies, and newly engaged couples, and old ladies with great stories about french exchanges with sons of Comptesses.
And the sun shone all day, even though thundery showers were forecast, and I was wished well, and wondered at, and hugged. And it seemed to be the general consensus that people should give me cards with 50 euro notes in them. Which wasn’t the plan at all, but I couldn’t very well give them back. So I now have a wad of cash which I wasn’t expecting. I won’t complain, but I still feel bad.
I also got the best present EVER! It’s the cutest washbag I’ve ever seen, all stripey and fairly large… containing… Paracetamol, Plasters, Antiseptic cream, Lip stuff, Emery Boards, Face Wipes, a teeny scissors, eye drops. a tiny hairbrush, hair ties, a toothbrush with toothpaste inside,  deodorant, foot deodorant, tissues, insect repellant cream, bite spray, soap, a shower cap, a tiny sewing kit, blister plasters, tampax and panty liners, fancy shower gel and body lotion and things, designer condoms and a jewelled thong. wow!  My mother’s friend is a very girlie girl, and would love to be in my shoes. Plus she has three sons and no daughters to buy nice presents for.
My parents, their friends and my relations are all amazingly wonderful, and I love everyone. Even after cleaning up for the past two hours. At least now my mum won’t wake up to the House of the Post-Party Apocolypse!
Hooray for everything!

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