Ah, the poor Couch Colony (well, the Rob half anyway). He had rather a lot to drink the night before. When he came over today, he didn’t want pizza. He didn’t want pudding. He barely ate a sausage roll, and then went and powdered his nose rather noisily. Poor Rob.

THEN, Ricoh came to visit. And ate some sushi rather sensuously. It was all too much for poor Rob. But oh my dear life, it was funny. Schadenfreude. It’s my favourite kind of Freude (that’s not true, I just like saying it).

In other news, I went to see Little Bits of Light as part of the film festival. It was The Dotey One’s cousin’s partner who directed it. And it was very very real and intense. It was also possibly a bit drawn-out in places. But it got RIGHT into the bubble of the couple’s relationship, in a very real way. It was a very accurate depiction of depression, of one person trying to keep the person they love away from the brink, when they are determined to hurl themselves into the abyss. Hard to watch at times, scarily accurate and very powerful. But also beautiful and lovely and sympathetic and when it hit the mark, it hit it bang on.

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