Post-Lunchtime on Wednesday means that we’re over the worst of it. Hurtling towards another weekend at the speed of Time and Space (and I’ll get there before plenty of you).

Those Wellingtonians of my friendslist who are attempting to Knit Themselves Into Scarfitude, how does Tuesday strike you for knitting fun? I need to buy some more wool and get myself into things, and I figure that Tuesday gives me ample time to get myself sufficiently together. If the day is amenable, how about suggesting a time and a place?

Hooray for Protests and Marches and Tractors. There were many’s the tractor passing by my window today. Did they all drive from Gisborne? From what I could tell, they were protesting about apples, and the fact that they can’t export them to Australia. They kept the crowd onside by pelting them with FREE YUMMY APPLES. Unfortunately, my office window doesn’t open, so I had to just watch instead. Ah, protesting about Free Markets that Aren’t Really Free (it reminds me of home).

And THEN… I had some hearty soup. Hearty Soup is the very best invention in the world. It was Pumpkin and Parmesan today. Yesterday was Tuscan Bean, which was so hearty as to be a veritable vegetable STEW of spicyness and sausage. YUM!

I declare today to be Library Day. After I walk home from work, I’m going to get me some food, and then head down to the Library for the reading of books concerned with morbid things, for my Morbid Story of Doom[1]. I’m quite looking forward to it.

[1] It’s not really that morbid. Just slightly (mostly) death-centric.

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