Well, sort of. I was staying just off Wall Street, with my Very Good, Kind and Wonderful friend Artemis. It was mostly a relatively chilled-out time, but there were some bits that ended up being unexpectedly mental.

The stuff I did that was awesome:

Go see Spamalot.
Go to the top of the Rockefeller Building.
Go to Mars Bar on 1st St and 2nd Avenue – so long as you think that an excellent jukebox, a dingy interior, weird patrons and a stink of piss in the toilets is a good thing.
Eat chocolate things at Max Brenners.
Arlene’s Grocery Live Band Rock’n’Roll Karaoke is amazing.
Buy one ridiculously expensive thing, just for the laugh.
Go visit Artemis and demand to see her roof garden.
The Natural History Museum and the Centre for Space – there’s a planetarium… i’d never been to one.
Grant’s Tomb is a ways uptown, but well worth a visit. Got to help refurbish the rolling mosaic bench outside also, which was unexpected
Pretty parks in NYC – there are quite a few, and people use them to walk in, sit in, play in. It’s nice!
Vintage shopping in Williamsburgh – I wish I’d gone again.
The Staten Island Ferry – it’s FREE!!! I also did a short tour around the island… little boring, but some great views of the harbour.
Complain about tourists – it’s a WHOLE lotta fun.
Wandering – pick a neighbourhood, take a subway and stroll around.
EATING – japanese food, mexican food, chinese food, steak, pizza (although i missed out on that a fair bit), chocolate food, crepes!

The stuff I DIDN’T get to do that I really should have gotten around to:

Checking out HUGE department stores and discount shops – the shoe department in Sak’s was as far as I got… but to be fair to myself, shopping stresses me out and I had an excuse.
Wandering round Central Park (no, dave, not at night)
Wicked/Avenue Q/Mary Poppins/The Seagull/ assorted other shows I should have gone to
the MoMa/Guggenheim and many other museums.
Ridiculously expensive cocktails somewhere with a View and Beautiful People.

The wallet/DHL fiasco:
So, first night I was in New York, we went out. I got wasted, and lost my wallet. Could have been stolen. It wasn’t the most salubrious establishment in the world, I’ll admit. So next day, called to cancel cards, and got a new credit card sent to my home. Thursday morning, the card arrived and got sent to my by DHL… via the two-day service, so it should have been there on Saturday. Except it got delayed in Leipzig… so Monday should have been the day. Except it didn’t arrive on Monday, and the courier lied about being able to get into the building. And then it didn’t arrive on Tuesday. So I told them I HAD to leave the country on wednesday and it finally showed up at about THREE PM on wednesday. When I was leaving to go to the airport at 6. yes. a bit of a pain 🙂

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