I got me a job! Evil call centre hell, but it’s three evenings a week plus weekends. Only 28 hours. Sweet! Training is Saturday week, and I start the following monday. So WOOT!

I haven’t been up to too much the past few days. Mostly just trying to get the job thing sorted, and going to the cinema, and spending far too much money on things that are heavy. Like hairdryers.

I also spent all of tuesday afternoon with Jana, an adorable German girl who i met on the flight from Singapore. Wednesday was Laundry Fun, and then last night I ventured to the Dog’s Bollix, a charming Irish pub where I had the worst pint of guinness and the best BLT I ever had in my life. And got hit on by a nice drunken middle-aged man, and watched dirty punkers and old-school hair-mettallers and got all life affirmed.

Today was a horrible wet miserable day, but I got some things sorted out, and bonded with Yoshumi, my adorable Japanese room-mate. I get to stay with her if i ever go to Osaka. Which I might, because it sounds like fun.

Tomorrow I’m going to plan my weekend, and my next week, and tomorrow evening I’m going to real groovy (a record shop) with Chris, the receptionist at the hostel, to see The Have, a local band, who are, apparently, good as!


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