I’m sorry, fred sometimes have that effect on me. They could actually compete with the Polyphonic Spree in a PURE JOY competition. And they would probably WIN because they have parsnips and newspaper hats and megaphones and piggybacks and múinteoirs and fictitious New Years Eves and ANYWAY. Yes, Fred are a good live band, they have positive energy. Even seamie agreed, and HE, friends, is the epitome of curmudgeon. The Róisín was packed, I knew some people there, I wasn’t on my own too long, and MY GOD WAS IT FUN.

AND Erin McKeown is playing there on the 4th I think… AND Tim Fite, who I just downloaded two songs from, which are both rather wonderful, is playing there next FRIDAY, supporting Buck 65. Hooray. Maybe cork and the jazz will have to wait until Saturday? It definitely seems that his live show is Rather Wonderful, by all accounts. WHO WANTS TO GO?

Just fecking HOORAY!!

Being on a high, wanting to go dancing, I was sad that the kids were tired and went home. NEXT WEEK THERE WILL BE NO ESCAPE!

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