Right, so I’m in Sydney. I’m here from the 28th to the 8th.

travellinglydia is going to be back in Sydney around the 1st or the 2nd until the 4th.

seamie is going to be in Melbourne from the 4th.

I want to see both of them. BUT I want to drive from Sydney to Melbourne along the Princes Highway and then fly back (or else fly there and drive back). Apparently, to really enjoy this, you should spend around a week on the road. BUT… I don’t have a week!!

I could stay in Sydney til the 4th, fly to Melbourne and then hire a car and drive back to Sydney.. but I have to catch a plane on the 8th, meaning I wouldn’t really be able to hang out with Seamie in Melbourne, and I’d have to rush the drive, which is a bit pants.
I could start driving to Melbourne on Saturday, take my time on the way there, and then fly back, but I’d probably miss out on both Lydia and Seamie in that case.
I could just hang out in Sydney til Lydia leaves on the 4th, and then fly to Melbourne for a couple of days.

What should i DOOOO?

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