I am currently BURNING WITH FIERY ANGER at Brian Tamaki. The Bishop of DESTINED FOR BEING A GOBHITE has decided to compare Civil Unions, Teen Pregnancies and other heinous heinous acts that deliberately and repeatedly tear asunder the moral fibre of New Zealand (that was sarcasm, JUST in case you didn’t get it) with Thursday’s attacks in London.

I am SO SICKENED at his odiousness. I wish I’d been out in the Hutt on Friday evening to call him names and brandish things. He really gets my goat.

Unfortunately, due to staying up very late watching News on thursday, I needed to sleep.

Other things that make me rage:
* People blowing stuff up. All they did was make Dubya and the rest of G8 look like a staunchly fluffy friend to all humanity.
* Dubya. Making out that G8 was making the world a better place and fixing the environment and helping poor people. Shut up.
* Papa Ratzi. Calling the attacks “inhuman”. They were horrible and malevolent and contrived and very nasty. And OH SO VERY HUMAN. Popeman, get with the programme. De-Humanising people is NOT YOUR JOB. Way to try to get behind the reasoning and try to work this stuff out.
* The News Media in general. Scare-mongering and trying to give people thrills and accosting shocked, upset and dazed people who were being remarkably amazing and strong about things (mad props to the dude with the suit who was not giving in to the reporters efforts to paint a lurid and gruesome picture for the people getting off on it in TV land) This also relates to kynn‘s post about the bombings. Exactly what I wanted to say, but said millions of times better.

Things that make me not-rage.
I’m ever so tired, due to dancing to Klute all night.
I My Man-Thing will be back soon.
Tractor Tom was in welly earlier today.

edit: This post is very disjointed, not very articulate and quite 14. I know this. But I’m pretty sure I said what I needed to say.

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