On a day like today, it’s hard to be a misanthropist…
I must be about to die or something, i can’t seriously be this happy and not have something terrible happen (i’m touching wood as i type, i swear).
Aside from it being a beautiful day, and one of my classes being cancelled, and going guitar shopping with the firstyearcompsysboys (who are in third year), and playing with guitars and cymbals and getting a crappy capo for nearly half price, and talking about radio things, and sucking coffee through a twix, and buying my german novel and feeling accomplished, and still being happy about the band stuff, Steve from rest signed my guestbook and said many lovely things, and fielded a vague idea, which, if it happens, would be one of the coolest and nicest things ever to happen to me. I’ll say nothing further, but WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!
I feel like i’ve never been depressed in my life. Hope i can remember this feeling with a smile. It’s been a fantastic, wonderful, nothing particularly out of the ordinary day… except the email that was the icing on my week cake. Cake of Week?

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