I am in Galway for the weekend, getting all my stuff together to move it all down back home to Limerick. I’ve been down there for the past six weeks, and last week I started work in lyric. So far so lovely. It’s nice and relaxed, which it would have to be, with all the lovely classical music wafting around the building. The work is fine, and I know enough about classical music to be able to bluff it until I learn more. I’m also working on the world music show and the trad music show.
The funniest thing is that I’m on the breakfast shift, which means that one week I’ll be starting work at 8am, and the following week I’ll start at 6.30am. Anyone who’s actually met me will find that hilarious. As do I. But I’m liking the fact that I can sometimes finish at half past two or three o’clock. But yes. Good. Working. Excellent.

The skinny, bespectacled songsmith upon whom I have had a crush for the past few months slept on my couch last night. He is currently smitten with a girl that’s not me, and I’m doing my best to just cop myself on and stop being such a girly drip about the whole thing.

My life is being quite lovely at the moment, and I’m not doing too much to stop it continuing as such. Excellent!

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